Thursday, November 18, 2010

It has been forever since I have been on here. It is hard to believe it is almost the end of the year! I lost my bets since I went home to get cake pans for a cake but also to see friends and family. Main reason though was the cake pans.

I am so glad to have Sarah apart of my life here. She is an amazing friend. We see eachothers needs most of time and also help eachother out when needed. Love her kids to death too. I may not always agree with everything and vice versa the support and encouragement is great. I know I don't set a good example in one area of my life right now but I am praying that God takes that away again. I allowed myself to do this and to tell the truth I am scared of giving it up cause it helps me not to eat all the time out of bordom and helps me have a little bit of Chris with me. I know this is just excuses but it is truth of how it satisfies my hurts/despair. I thank God for allowing friends and family to still love the person I am rather than rebuke me cause I have this bad habit.

I had parent teacher conferences tonight and Alex is still doing quite well in school. She has to take a test in fall and spring to see where she ranks in state average and this fall she is above the average. Her teacher was very pleased with her work and contribution in class too. I couldn't ask for better public school than this. I have also been placed in a great work atmosphere and love my work family.

It has been a year now since my foot injury and even though the pain and swelling is still there it is not as bad as it was.

Since Jan 24th I have lost 100 pounds. I am finding it is more difficult now to lose the last 30 pounds now that I am a smaller weight. In the past 3 months I have lost 26 pounds, and 10 inches in waist and 3.5 inches in hips and 1-2 inches in each thigh and arm. I work Thanksgiving so that will save me the calories but will miss the socialization with Sarah's loving family. Alex is gonna go with them. Thank you to Sarah's family for adopting us into their family. Things are going well for us and we love it here.
The most difficult for me is being so far away from friends and family who need help or go in and out of hospital for health issues. I am very thankful for my daughter, work, and family. God has truly blessed me. No matter the circumstances I face God is always there blessing my walk with Him. I owe my life to Him and He is the reason I am so happy and confident! Trust me there are days I still get so angry at Chris and God but things happen and we always don't understand why or how could we not have been able to do something to stop it. All I know is I have to keep trusting and believing God has a perfect plan for my life. God promises to prosper, provide, and catch me when I fall or become weak. I do have to say being a single parent is difficult and hard. I so wish and pray God will bring me a mate to help out. One who will help be a support in raising Alex and love us both. One who allows me to be me and also loves the Lord. One who will live in this cold cold cold part of the country unless God moves us elsewhere. I know it will happen and good comes to those who wait upon the Lord. I love you God and family and my friends. Thanks for your prayers and love and support, Cause of that we are doing well.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

It has been a year and two months since I made the decision to move here to Iowa. It has been an up and down year but God is still faithful and just. Alex is doing well in school still and had even tried out for the OPUS choir. She didn't make it but the choir teacher enjoys her voice and ambition. It is hard to believe she is in the 5th grade already. Work is going well for me here as well. I love my co-workers dearly.

Now that it is getting colder I haven't been walking very much but I do workout twice a week for half an hour at a time. I am getting frustrated cause now that I am at a smaller size the weight isn't coming off as fast as I would like. I am trying to be ok with it but it is hard because I have not mastered the mental issue. I should be happy that I have lost 85 pounds in less than a year which some people can't even do that. I am happy most days but then I see myself as my 300 pound person and get discouraged but I am working at it.

I have several bets on the line that I am stubborn to prove people wrong. The bet is that I would not go back home to IN til Christmas. I have a whole outfit and several pops on the line. I have gotten through 44 days and have 69 to go. I don't know if I can make it but I am gonna for sure try. It helps that I have volunteered to work some Saturdays since work needed someone. It helps me stay in town.

It was nice on Alex's and my night to see another Colts fan. I stopped him and his family to ask You don't see many Colts fans here are you originally from IN? He said yes, but my wife is from IA I moved here 12 years ago. We love it. I agree with him, it is great here but there is also the love of friends and family you leave behind to do what is best for your life. But you just keep in touch and live each day to its fullest.

Today is sweetest day and I couldn't help but to remember my sweeties in life. The memories and the love we share(d). So I am ending this post with saying Happy Sweetest day to all of you I love and are such sweet friends.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Good Evening, Just got Alex packed for her first day of Fifth grade tomorrow. She has been waiting all summer for this day. Each day she said I wish school was starting. Where does the time go? She also thinks Iowa as her home. It has not even been a year yet and she gets homesick, or asks can we stay here until atleast I graduate.

I have reached the mid-20's now, losing 68 pounds since Jan 24th. I have about 50 more to lose to be where the doctor wants and about 80 to be where I want. We will see. I have pushed through tough pain with foot but well worth it. I try to walk 5-7 miles a day with some being none due to the pain. I am very thankful to Sarah for helping motivate me and sometimes having me tag along with her. I appreciate her walking my speed so I have company. She is doing great as well.

I am traveling the next few weekends then hope to finally be home and go to my church and just relax. I enjoy driving but there is also a time to just be home and not have craziness around you.

Be praying for my friend Gregg and his family as they still struggle with his heart condition and also financially. Another friend has a sinus infection that seems to be staying too. The pastor I worked under back home his son is in hospital due to serious infection to colon so keep him in your prayers. Continue to pray for my cousin's family as they are grieving the loss of Barb.